dear TvOnTheRadio.



yay. summer soon.


Sun. (2012)


its sun out.

and of course i get my hopes up.

please let it be summer SOON!


it's time. (1989)

at certain points in your life you discover some facts about yourself.

like some smart people say: you learn as you live.

up until now i just lived.

and thought that the learning part would come naturally.

until it hit me in the face.

or i guess its called backfire.

yea... i think the learning part really backfired.

I've always thought that i would realize i was adult when i got there.

but today someone told me to grow up.

(thanks to my insults and comebacks book, i got to say what i felt about the grow up comment.)

so, instead of thinking about a good comeback the rest of the night.

i started realizing some amazing undiscovered facts about myself.


im 23 years old. (i never planned to get older than 18)

i have NO money. (because i spent it all on wine and sandwiches)

im studying something i can't use for nothing.

i owe 20 000 in collegedebt.

and my ultimate goal in life is to get retired !?!

i think I'm growing up...


Insults and comebacks. (2011)



i'm  really poor at snapping back at people.

except to my mom i guess. (but you know how that is..)

its always like...

i figure out something to say like an hour after the; "a-snap-would-be-really-appropriate-right-now" moment.


in a world full of flaws i bought an educational book.

its called "insults and comebacks".

and i carry it around everywhere i go.

and now, i always have something to say.

i even shortened the comeback time back to like one or two minutes tops.

(i just need to look it up in the comeback book first)

and i was thinking....

i should share my newly adapted knowledge to you.


here's a list of my favorite comebacks and insults for different occasions:


- I've had a lot to drink... and you still don't look good.
- so.. your the kid that made a silly face, and stayed that way?


- as a matter of fact, you DO look fat in those pants.


- bitch!


- your so short, you could model for trophies.
- my neck hurts from insulting you.


- its time to start acting your age - old.


- your so dumb, you think a lawsuit is something you wear to court.

smarty pants:

- why don't you just join Mensa, and call it a day?


- if i wanted to hear from an asshole, i'd fart.


- you'r the reason God created the middle finger.

i may be fat, but your ugly... and i can always diet...



Work. (1998)

i work.

and i sort of like it.

i guess because society wants me to like it.

i know i need the money.

and i also sort of like hanging out with people.


i got two jobs.

because. i guess i like working.

at the waiterjob there are a lot of people.

but not people i really want to have a conversation with.

i guess i only talk to them to get some more tipmoney.

at the other job.

there are a lot of people i want to talk to.

but its still a dilemma there.

cause i really just want to talk all day long.

but then i don't get any money.


its like.

at the waiter job; i don't really want to talk to anyone. but if i don't, i won´t get paid.

but at the other job; i just want to talk all day. but then, i won´t get paid.

and worst of all; at school i don't want to talk to anyone, but i don't get pair for it either.

im. just. to. reflective.



Alvie. (1989)


i was thinking.

i should get more serious.

'cause I'm a liar. and a cheat.

to you.

normally I'm kind'a cool.

or nice.

but i just realized something.

i haven't told you anything real about myself yet.

except that there's something wrong with my hair.

and that a i gain weight easily.

and i also realized something else.

you might not want to know the stuff I'm about to tell you.

but I'm force-feeding you anyways.

so live with it.


so my name is alvie.

its written with a small first letter.

and thats just how it is.

im not old.

but I'm not young enough to know everything either.

im in the "not adult but should be adult real soon" category.

i like music. and i post it sometimes if i bother.

im in love.

and its nice.

i go to school. college. university.

i study literature and phonetics.

and i like it.


i hate when people are testing my skills.

so i have an ambivalent relationship to the school itself.

i like drawing.

and i do it sometimes.

if I'm the right mood.

i work as a waiter.

and you know that already.

thing i like to drink:



things i like to eat:

something with carbs.

things i love and appreciate in 2012:


wearing t-shirts.



deciding to do something, and do it.

finishing schoolwork.

electric light.


hot water in the shower.




things i hate in 2012:

not being able to go to bed at the right time.

arrogant people.

thinking about exams.



Info. (1996)

so i go to school.

im studying literature.

im a nerd.


there are differences i nerdness.

im a nerd.

because i like stuff that douches don't.

like studying literature.

so iv'e started a new semester.

with a whole new level of people i didn't knew existed.

i know I'm a nerd.

but the level of nerdness has rised to a whole new level this semester.

i don't know where these people come from.

i guess they must have crawled out of their "starwars-goth-acne" caves.

some of them added me on facebook.

and I'm nice.

so i accepted them.

but it wasn't before i accepted them on FB that i realized what level of nerd I'm dealing with.

its like...

when you update you FB-status with some scifi hubba bubb.

and you are the only one liking it.

you don't realize its like high fiving yourself in public -

 - wearing manga/goth/bad-taste clothes.

and all of them wants to be teachers.

I'm looking forward to the future of literature in the public schools.

im a nerd AND a bitch.

and I'm sorry that i am.

like, really.


Words. (2011)

i know about an artist.

her name is Ane Brun.

she is really big in japan.

she came out with a new CD on her label - ballon ranger recordings this last fall.

i started listening to the tracks some time ago.

but i didn't listen close enough until some days ago.

spend some time on this.




They don´t want it. (1987)


so iv'e been a real bitch lately.

leaving my site neglected.

i don't really have any good excuse.

in the famous, non celeb blogger style i'm saying; oh yeah im back.

(sort of)


for warm up i just wanted you to listen to this track:

listen to it at least three times in a row.

and look at this picture that i took while busy not looking after the site:

don't worry i will not start a new and better bloglife taking nature shots,  philosophizing and writing about nature medicine.

i just took a random shot, and for a moment i thought i was a photographer. 

because i don't want it.

and because they don't want it.



Celebrity. (2000)

lately i've had alot of time to think.

is because im upposed to study for my exams.

(yes. i know exams it's the only thing i'm talking about lately.)

(get used to it)

some days ago i was thinking for some hours.

i was thinking about my life.

and i realized something.

im not a celebrity.


i'll probably never be one either.

here's what i realized:

- the only person following my blog is my mom.

- i can't wear sunglasses indoor without someone staring at me with the "what-the-f**k-is-wrong-with-her" look.

- never get anything for free. unless it's reached it's expiration date.

- i'm poor.

- i spend most of my time in bed with a book.

- i have to take the bus.

- and... i sing like a crow.

thank you very much for ruining my future damn exam.



11.11.11 - 11:11 (2011)

i'm preparing for exams.

i say no more.

Washed Out – New Theory

The past. (2011)

i found some pictures from my past.

(it's really just from this fall)



to sum up my fall.

i looked after a dog. i had to walk him. 

i ate fogberries. it was nice.

i had a fancy lunch. 

i got a dymotyper. and i marked all of my belongings with dymotape.

i got fish. fish are dirty.


i got a pedicure.

i got matching knitted socks as my BFF. 

my sister gave me a snake. and she took it back.


M83 – Wait


Negativity scale. (1989)

i can be a real bitch sometimes.

and sometimes i'm a whiner.

and sometimes i'm like a raging pregnant t'rex.

sometimes i'm like that.

today was different.

today i turned in to all of those "states of mind".

at the same time.


someone wrote in their FB status: "preparing for exams :)"

and i spilled my coffee all over my freshly printed notes.

i accidentally read the FB status again.

BBC-entertainment rescheduled Àllo àllo without notifying me.

i left the chocolatemilkbox empty in the fridge yesterday, and it was still empty today.

a friend of mine went home for christmas vacation.

i went on FB again.

i realized that i only have 3000 pages left to read before my exam next week.


the "exam-negativity-scale" is reaching new levels.



Don't know.

if you didn't know about them.

now you do.

(m83- midnight city)


Busy. (2011)

so. i've been seriously busy lately.

i'ts like i'm sooo busy.

all the time.


i've actually been really buisy finding out what kind of pet i want.

i'm not a pet person.

it's like.

all my friends pets love me.

and everyone else's pets aswell.

and i hate them.

but i figured.

since all the pets love me.

i must have missed something.

so i figured.

i'll get a pet.

at first i thought about getting a bird.

but they make so much noise.

and then i thought about getting a cat.

but my landlord won't allow me.

and besides, i would have to walk it and groom it and a lot of other stressful things


i got fish.

and for all you n00b's that don't have spotify:

get it!



UhUhAh. (1985)

i think i'm a psychic.

or at least a medium.

some months ago i dreamt that one of my friends was pregnant.

when i woke up i called her and told her about the dream.

that she got really fat, and that we all thought that she had an eating problem...

she said i was full of shit.

today she called me.

and said she was pregnant after all.



Prytania. (2010)

Mutemath – Prytania

Interesting. (1989)


i looked through my pictures the other day.

and there's a factor of boredom throughout my latest shots.


it's not boredom.

i'ts like, i'm supposed to take a picture of something interesting.

but then...

i just take pictures of my feet instead...

here's some examples. 

here's my feet instead of my mom right before she left for summer vacation.

here's my feet instead of my girlfriend BE next to a statue.

here's my feet instead of some expressionistic dancers.

here's my feet instead of my girlfriend Ballony next to the expressionistic dancers. 

here's my foot instead of my dancing grandparents.

and also...

my BFF also seems to take pictures of his feet instead of what he was supposed to take pictures of.


he works in an office.

so i guess his feet is the most interesting thing to take pictures of.